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Does someone owe you money?

The first step to get your money back is sending a letter demanding payment, better known as a Demand Letter.

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If your demand letter did not work, the next step is taking them to court.


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Is Small Claims Court right for me?

While taking someone to court can feel overwhelming, with JusticeDirect it doesn’t have to be.  JusticeDirect will help you evaluate the pros and cons that come with taking someone to court.  Answer simple questions to help you decide if going to court makes sense for you.  If you do decide to go to Court, JusticeDirect will guide you through the process step-by-step.


How can I get my money back in Small Claims Court with JusticeDirect?


You will be guided step-by-step to understand the legal process, build your small claims court case, and avoid common mistakes, without the expense of a lawyer.


*At the moment, filing and service assistance is only available in California Small Claims Court.  However, custom demand letter is available nationwide!

See how easy it is with JusticeDirect.


Access Legal Education

Not sure where to start? Look into our free educational resources to help you at any step throughout your journey.

How much money did you loan to the defendant?

$ 5000.00

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Was the agreement written down or made verbally?



Do you have a copy of the written agreement?



Answer simple questions and JusticeDirect will help you:

  • Create a customized demand letter.

  • Prepare the court forms needed for your CA Small Claims case.

  • Understand where you need to file your case, along with the options and costs to filing.

  • Learn the options and steps to Service of Process.

JusticeDirect guides you step-by-step to avoid common mistakes.

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Identify the relevant law, who owes you money, and how much you are owed and can sue for.

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Create a timeline with important facts to support your cases and evaluate those facts against each of the elements.

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Generate your court forms and receive instructions on how to file your case then serve the other party.

Case created on October 20, 2021

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Let's pick up where you left off on your quest for justice.

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Demand Letter

You haven't sent your demand letter to the defendant.

An all-in-one solution.

JusticeDirect will help you resolve your dispute and get your money back.


JusticeDirect, the simple, fast, and effective way to get the justice you deserve without the expense of a lawyer.

Guided Legal Education


Demand Letter Create and Download


Certified Mail Demand Letter Delivery and Tracking (optional)


Identify Facts and Build Your Case


Should I Sue Analysis


Calculate Amount to Sue For


Filing Court Locator


Court Form Generation


Filing Instructions


Serving Instructions


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Andrew Hanna

I consulted with several lawyers who each wanted to charge me around $250 for a demand letter.  I’m very happy that I was able to write a demand letter myself with JusticeDirect.

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Dominic Gonzales

I found the JusticeDirect demand letter online. The website was easy for me to understand and I sent my demand letter online certified mail. I’d recommend this to anyone who needs to write a demand letter!

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Long Ng

The JusticeDirect website makes it easy for people without legal backgrounds to understand what they need to do. I was able to prepare a very professional demand letter and save a lot of money.

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