I sold a product and didn't get paid, what can I do?

Updated: Apr 28

The best way to get what you want is to ask for it. The first step to getting your money back is to write and send a letter demanding payment (better known as a demand letter) and making it clear to the other party that you will sue if they do not pay. Many people end up paying after they receive a demand letter. This means you may never have to end up in court. But if you do go to court a good demand letter will satisfy some court requirements that you have formally asked the other party to pay.

An effective demand letter is one that clearly tells the other party what you want and that you are serious about doing what is necessary to get it.

There are important facts about your dispute you should include in your demand letter. These include:

  • The date for the product agreement where the other party agreed to pay you for the product.

  • The date that you provided the product in good condition.

  • The date(s) for when the other party was supposed to pay you for the product you provided and how much was due for each date. 

Let’s go through an example of identifying the dates when the other party was supposed to pay you and how much was due on each date.

You sold a computer to the other party with an agreed-upon price of $1000.  

The other party said they will pay you in two monthly payments of $500 with a 3% interest on the second payment.  

They only made the first payment.

The dates, amount due and interest due would be:

Date Amount due Interest due

10/22/20 $500 $0

11/22/20 $500 $15

Date Amount repaid

10/22/20 $500

If you are unable to recall any of these dates, you may have a hard time proving the case in court. To recall this date, consider any written documents (e.g. emails, text messages), or any witnesses who may have overheard your conversation with the other party.

To learn about other important information that should be in your demand letter read Everything You Need to Know About Demand Letters.

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