Why is it important to send your demand letter via Certified Mail Service?

Updated: Apr 29

Sending your letter demanding payment by certified mail is the most effective way to make sure that the other side knows that you are serious about getting your money back. JusticeDirect offers a service to automatically print and mail the demand letter generated on our platform. The demand letter will be sent by USPS Certified Mail to the recipient(s) you select.

Using this service, you will not need to worry about printing out the demand letter, going to the Post Office, standing in line, mailing it by certified mail, and keeping track of it. A tracking number for the letter(s) will be available on our platform for you to see when your demand letter(s) have been sent, and when they have been received by their recipient(s).


  • What if the letter cannot be delivered?

- The letter will follow USPS Certified Mail protocols on deliveries that cannot be made. We suggest double-checking the address to ensure successful delivery.

  • When will my demand letter be sent?

- It will take 1-2 business days for the demand letter to be sent.

  • When will the recipients receive the letter?

- The delivery time will depend on the destination of the letter and USPS's delivery speed.

  • Will I receive confirmation that the letter has been received?

- You will receive a tracking number once the letter has been sent which can serve as confirmation when the letter has been delivered.

With just one click, you can send your demand letter via Certified Mail on JusticeDirect.com.

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JusticeDirect.com to Help You Write and Send a Demand Letter

Quest for Justice (Q4J)'s first product, JusticeDirect Demand Letter, will help people without lawyers draft and send a customized letter demanding payment, free of charge. Rather than use a generic sample demand letter or a template, JusticeDirect will guide users step-by-step to prepare and send, via USPS Certified Mail, a professional and personalized demand letter. The system helps users avoid common mistakes that often delay justice. Whether you are owed money or you are not happy with services or goods you already paid for, sending a detailed and professional demand letter is the first step to being taken seriously in the legal process and getting the justice you deserve. A simple, fast, and effective way to get your money back.

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