How do I request a payment plan to pay what I owe through the court?

Updated: Apr 29

Paying the other side the court judgment amount in smaller installment payments is called a payment plan. You can request a payment plan at the court hearing or after the judgment has been made. Requesting a payment plan at the hearing may increase your chances that the payment plan will be approved.

To request a payment plan after a court's judgment has been made, you will need to provide supporting financial evidence as to why your payment plan request should be granted. The other party also has a chance to oppose your payment plan. A court granted payment plan my stop interest from accruing on your court judgment.

Steps to ask the court to pay in payments after the judgment (California):

  • Fill out Request to Make Payments (SC-220) and Financial Statement (EJ-165) and file them to the court

  • The court clerk will let the other party know that you made a request to make payments

  • The other party has 10 days to respond to your request: 1) accepts the payment plan request; 2) accepts the payment plan request but with a different amount; 3) does not accept the payment plan request.

  • If they do not respond within 10 days, the court may decide that they accept your payment plan request.

  • If the other side rejects your payment plan request or wants to make changes, the court may hold an additional hearing to discuss your request and make a decision.

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