How can I request to pay in smaller payments to settle out of court?

Updated: Apr 28

If you were sued by the other party, and you agree that you do owe them money, you can request to pay the other party in smaller payments over time before a judgment is reached in exchange for them dismissing the case. You can propose this in your settlement letter.

Consider building your payment request based on these terms so it's easy for the plaintiff to understand and the same terms will translate to an after-judgment payment plan request with the court. You can also use this to show the court later that you would like to have a payment plan granted.

  • Frequency: how often the payments should be

- Weekly / Every 2 weeks / Monthly / Every 2 months / Quarterly

  • Payment amount: amount for each payment

  • First payment date

Last payment date: a payment plan that lasts longer than 12 months may have lower chances of being accepted.

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