When can I start the collection process if the other side does not pay after a court judgement?

Updated: Apr 29

If the court ordered the other side to pay you and they do not pay voluntarily, the sheriff may be able to collect for you. You can find out about any savings, income, or property they have that the sheriff can take to satisfy the judgment.

If the other side does not pay within 30 days after the court clerk delivered or mailed the Notice of Entry of Judgment, the other side must send you Form SC-133, Judgment Debtor’s Statement of Assets. This form will tell you what property they have, and what may be used to pay the judgment. Even if you are sent Form SC-133, you can still have the other side come to court to answer questions about their income and property. (To do this, file Form EJ-125: Application and Order for Appearance and Examination.)

If the other side does not send you the completed Form SC-133, you can file Form SC-134, Application and Order to Produce Statement of Assets, and to Appear for Examination. In this form, you can also ask the court to award you your appropriate fees, expenses, and other relief.

After you have an understanding of their assets, you can then start the collection process based on what assets they have.

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